Pre-Conference Visit: 2 OCTOBER 2014 (THURS)

Pre-Conference Visit
0830-1030 Visit to Changi General Hospital
1030-1100 Travel to next destination
1100-1300 Visit to Saint Andrew Community Hospital
1300-1400 Lunch (on your own)
1400-1430 Travel to next destination (via public transport, pls bring EZ link card)
1430-1700 Visit to The Salvation Army, Peacehaven Nursing Home

Day 1: 3 October 2014 (Fri)

Pre-Conference Workshops
0800-0830 Registration

Workshop 1:
Goal-setting: How do we engage clients in therapy?

Workshop 2:
Foundation Workshop for Occupational Therapists: Caring for People who Display Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia

Workshop 3:
Powered Mobility Aid for Community Independent Living

1230-1300 Lunch Lunch
1300-1330 Registration
1330-1730 Workshop 1 (continued) Workshop 2 (continued)

Workshop 4:
Environmental Modification & Technology

Photos by OT Tan Wan Ying and Xu Tianma Tim.

Day 2: 4 October 2014 (Sat)

Conference Program Outline
0800-0845 Registration

Welcome Address


Opening Address


Key Note: “Harnessing motivation to support occupational performance and community participation”


Plenary 1: “The Cost-Effectiveness, Effect of Caregivers, Trade-Offs and Trends in Community Rehabilitation on Activity Participation and Survival in Singapore”

1035-1100 Tea break
1100-1230 Concurrent Sessions: Paper Presentations

Session 1
Neuro & Physical Rehab

Session 2
Older Adults

Session 3
Mental Health

Effects of Twice-a-week Prism Adaptation Program on Unilateral Neglect: A Single-subject Study

Living in a Sheltered Home for the Aged — An Exploratory Study on the Perspectives of Elderly Singaporeans

Stress and Burnout among Healthcare Professionals Working in a Mental Health Setting in Singapore

Occupational Therapy Low Vision Rehabilitation: Programme Development and Evaluation

Retirement Planning Talk for Older Taxi Drivers

The Effects of Cognitive Remediation on Occupational Performance and Community Ability Among People With Schizophrenia - A Randomized Controlled Trial

Exploring Occupational Needs for Women who have Experienced Cardiac Events in Singapore: Implications for Occupational Therapy Practice

RetireMENt: An Occupational Therapy Initiative & Space for Retired Men

Specialised Interventions to Enhance Community Participation for Adults in Recovery from Mental Illness

Effect of Perceptual Strategy on Subsequent Face Recognition among Adults: An Experimental Study

Nurses’ Perception of Preventing Hospital Associated Disability Amongst Hospitalised Older Adults: Implications for Occupational Therapy Practice

The Relationship between Itch and Mental Health in Burns Patients

Beyond That Window: A Case Study in Low Vision Rehabilitation

Developing Clinical Practice Guidelines Statements for Home Assessment and Modification to Prevent Falls: A Critique of the Evidence and Lessons Learnt

Snakes and Ladders – An Occupational Therapists Experience of Working at Changi Women’s Prison

Effectiveness of Occupational Therapy services in an Accident & Emergency Department to Facilitate Activities of Daily Living function and Reduce Recurrent Falls in Elderly

Practices of Ageing in Place: A grounded theory case study

Occupational Therapy in Addictions Treatment: Back to Basics

1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1500 Concurrent Sessions: Paper Presentations

Session 4
Dementia & Palliative Care

Session 5

Session 6
Sub-Specialty Areas and Others

To Evaluate Wellbeing of Patients in a New Dementia Ward Set Up in SACH

Using the Knowledge-To-Action (KTA) Framework to Introduce a Newly Developed Participation Measure for Young Children in Singapore

Quality of Life in Adults with Cerebral Palsy

Designing a Dementia Care Programme to Reduce Caregiver Stress in a Community Hospital

Sensory Processing Difficulties in Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder

Sexuality and Occupational Therapy: Time for a Human Rights Approach?

Exploring the Use of Multi-sensory Activities in the Management of Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) in a Person With Dementia (PWD)

Exploring Caregivers Perspectives on Use of Playgrounds by Children with Disabilities in Singapore

Exploring Clinician’s Perspectives of Effective Clinical Placement in Singapore

Occupational Therapy in Early Palliative Care for Persons with Cancer

An Examination of Parenting Stress Levels in Mothers of Children at Risk of Developmental Coordination Disorder

Effectiveness of a Five-Week Mindfulness-Based Training Program on Stress Reduction for Allied Health Students in Singapore

Case Report on Anxiety Management by Occupational Therapists in Palliative Care

An Evaluation of a Handwriting Intervention Group for Kindergarten Two (K2) Children

A Proposed Community-Based Rehabilitation Programme to Achieve Successful Independent Living: Maximising Potential in Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors

Enhancing Learning and Participation through Powered Mobility, within School and in Community: A Case Report

Creating An Occupational Milieu for Individuals Post Traumatic Brain Injury in the Acute Setting: A Case Report

1500-1530 Tea break

Panel Discussion: “Occupational Justice: Breaking Barriers & Promoting the Rights to Occupations in Singapore and the Region ”


Plenary 2: Empowering carers to promote and facilitate occupational performance of older people in the community

1700-1715 Award Presentation: “Best Oral Research Award” & “Best Innovation Project Award”

Closing Speech by Scientific Committee Chairperson

Programme schedule subject to changes.